Cannabis Vending Machine

Cannabis Vending Machines Are Making Their Way Across the Nation!

With COVID-19 in the way of many businesses, the cannabis industry has still found a way to thrive. However, with a little help from Matt Frost and his Cannabis Vending Machine, the job may soon get even easier for dispensaries across the Nation.

Some do ask however, will this hurt potential budtender job positions? Could this be another case of automation taking over more manageable task? One could easily surmise that it may not be a big deal in its initial stages, but what happens after mass scale implementation?

Or could there really be a need for more self-sufficiency and independence? Considering the world we live in today, a little more independence when ordering your favorite cannabis products may not be so bad for some after all. In the end, if the purpose is to lessen the load and not replace all budtenders, the idea can be revolutionary for the cannabis industry as we at Cannabexchange believe it already is.

Who is Matt Frost and Anna?

Harbor Collective

Matt Frost has had an impressive career in the health fields and has a background in Healthcare Data Analytics. He worked as Senior Project Manager for Tufts Health Plan between August 2016 and October 2017. He also undertook the Senior Project Manager position for BMC HealthNet Plan and Well Sense Health Plan from June 2014 to July 2016. He was also a Project manager for DELL and Program Coordinator for Genzyme.

In 2017 Matt Frost began a cannabis undertaking that now has the cannabis industry up in talks. The newly launched cannabis vending machines are all the rave and multiple locations are now planned and being installed. Since COVID-19, every company in every industry across the world has been searching and innovating ways to increase safety, security and efficiency. Matt Frost’s Anna is helping the cannabis dispensaries change their operational practices to accomplish this goal.

The new cannabis vending machine will be able to dispose of edibles, flowers and even vape oils without having to stop at the front desk and communicate with a budtender. But how does this affect the labor market for budtenders in the cannabis industry?

The Coming Changes to the Cannabis Industry

While the development of cannabis vending machines is a novel, just and innovative endeavor with lots of potential. The outlook for more labor in the cannabis industry may be bleak, at least as far as the position for budtenders is concerned. It brings to attention the fact that the world businesses, as a whole, is looking for automation as a way out of the minimum wage laws and regulations coming on the horizon.

As Anna continues to scale up and more dispensaries continue to implement it, will it eventually get to a point where the negative economic effects on labor will outweigh the positives?

As history has shown, business entities are like individuals, survival is at the top of the list. In some cases, many employees may be financially hurt along the way. In exchange for survival and added growth, some shops may look at this as the best option and replace as many of their budtenders as needed without sacrificing service.

While the intended purpose of the cannabis vending machines may be to increase productivity and workflow, the changes can be greater than this. There is also a balance that cannabis dispensaries must strike before they reach diminishing returns.

The Balance Between Profits and Customer Service

While not all dispensaries will take this hypothetical drastic approach, you have to believe that some owners, for better or for worse, will treat this as such. But at what point is letting go of your budtenders too much?

Is there a threshold where customer service is sacrificed in exchange for faster vended service? For dispensary owners that are looking for the quick buck, not the long term, there may be. Let’s go with basic number as an example.

Let’s say it takes 5 budtenders to service all of your person to person customers, within a reasonable amount of wait time. Let’s say 5 minutes wait time. You have 10 budtenders total and want to replace 7 for cannabis vending machines, this may provide a negative result for your dispensary after some time passes.

If you need 5 to service all person to person customers but only have 3 after you replace 7 for vending machines, your shop could suffer from poor customer service.

  • Your wait times could increase, causing customers to become impatient.
  • Your customers may go elsewhere, where they can ask questions and get direct answers in a fashionable amount of time.
  • You could see a decrease in traffic, thereby reducing sales.

In all reality, the cannabis vending machine will be a great addition to the cannabis industry and many, including our team here at Cannabexchange, can’t wait to see the rollout more widely implemented. However, we see the trends of business and thought that this labor spin to this subject and technology would be a great conversation starter.

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