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Cannabis Festivals Face Obstacles Amid CCP Virus

Cannabis Festivals Face Obstacles Amid CCP Virus Comeback

The cannabis industry has its own hurdles

Amid a viral pandemic, most festivals and major events with large number of gathers have a mountain of obstacles to overcome. Just being able to file the right documents and follow ups with federal, state and local governments isn’t enough anymore. As an event coordinator you have to tackle requirements that would be unthinkable just 6 months ago. Times have changed fast and with an estimated second wave of the CCP virus, it is expected to get worse for event coordinators in the cannabis industry.

The cannabis industry has its own hurdles already without adding the many variables imposed by the CCP virus. For example, licensing delays, corruption by politicians and now distancing is an issue, how do you manage a crowd of such a vast size during an expo or cannabis event?

In some cannabis events, the community of guest are already intoxicated with THC or alcohol before they even arrive. While we do support the use of cannabis, we still understand the ramifications of poor mismanagement. That’s why we are addressing it in this article.

The Ideas

Harbor Collective

There are many ideas that have been thrown around, for example.

  • Does every section of the event need to be compartmentalized?
  • Is compartmentalizing not only efficient but conducive towards a great environment?
  • If the venue is large enough, do we compartmentalize just some portions, or should we play it safe and turn every segment of the event into its own individual room?
  • A budget needs to be allotted for disinfecting products and materials.
  • If items are sold, how do you manage the sale of those items without spreading the CCP virus.

We could probably go on and on about this in this segment, but what ‘s important? Can the festival even get proper licensing without a guarantee? A guarantee that states and shows that everything the local government will need from the coordinators to be completed and compliant can be accomplished?

There are many questions to address and your 420 friendly coordinators are hard at work getting this done in time for your eventful day.

HotBox isn’t a cannabis platform anymore, it is available for many different service and industry providers however, they are a team that is looking into cannabis event and what it would take to accomplish in the State of Florida.

The Complications

This is a subject that covers a lot more than just the obvious. The obvious as I consider it, would be the typical messaging across the net.

  • 6 feet of separation
  • Only 10 people in close proximities
  • No more than 50 individuals in an event

How can someone sustain a major event with major cost in such a manner?

Add to that, the abysmal state regulations put in place on event coordinators prior to this pandemic. You can easily see how a project like this would seem monumental in this day in age. Yet these requirements were not necessary during the recent protest and riots. Why is that?

Think about it!

All the CCP virus worries went away during the protest and riots. This makes for a good argument since many in our community have either an opinion or a stake in this subject.

  • Was your CBD shop closed because of the CCP virus?
  • Was your cannabis dispensary maintained opened during the CCP virus outbreak?
  • Was your CBD shop or dispensary destroyed during the riots?

There is quite the difference in opinion whether you were in the CBD industry or THC industry. We believe this is worth discussing. For those business owners out there, now that you see the little importance placed on 6 feet of separation by the media during the riots, was it worth being shutdown for so long?

Was your event worth getting shutdown when the protest and riots had the same level of crowds as a Hempfest, or cannabis festival? When the relapse happens and they cry out for a second wave of the virus, will you feel the same way as before during the previous shutdown?

Would you rather find mitigating circumstances to allow you to keep your event or business open?

These are just some of the questions we should think about whether you’re a business owner or not. Even if you’re not a business owner, you still require a job from those businesses. It affects everyone across the Nation. The cannabis events employ many and bring a lot of money from out of state to communities that need it.

Create an account and comment below on your thoughts on this subject. Do you prefer the shutdown or do you prefer a safe way around it?