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Coping through COVID-19 with Cannabis

Coping with Cannabis During COVID-19 Quarantine

Take the edge off, sit back and relax with cannabinoids during COVID-19

Being stuck indoors is something that many are dealing with during COVID-19. Depending on who you ask, they are either happy about it or slowly going crazy in their confined spaces. In either case, taking the edge off is an important part of coping with quarantine. You know what we're referring to, cannabis can help you ease the path towards normalcy.

Cannabis is used by a large number of consumers across the country. With the recent efforts in States that have made it legal and now making it “COVID-19 essential”, it’s now in the hands of more users than ever before. The benefits this substance provides are good enough for medicinal use, and good enough to help cope with life during these trying times.

Anxiety is one of the medical diagnosis cannabis usage can help with by calming the mind, and making you feel at ease. During these anxious times, reports across cannabis legal States have shown that a drastic increase in sales could prove this theory correct.

Harbor Collective

We have provided some useful tips you can indulge on while using cannabis and abiding by quarantine recommendations. Below we have highlighted some fun and self-care activities to keep your mind and body, happy and healthy.

Things to Do During Quarantine

Let’s not beat around the bush here: cannabis makes a lot of activities more enjoyable. Even activities you might not be as willing to try while sober. This makes marijuana an excellent way to unwind or strive for self-improvement.

Fun Activities

There are many great activities you can partake under the influence of cannabis that will let you enjoy life in the comfort of your own home.

Video Games

Games are an excellent way to escape. With so many genres to choose from, there is quite literally something for everyone. From narrative-focused RPGs, sandbox games, racing games, and online shooters. There is something for everyone if video games are your cup of tea. You don’t always have to buy a console or gaming PC either. (Speaking of tea, cannabis infused tea is a great way to go.) Download a game you think you might like on your phone and sit back! Even if the game isn’t so great, cannabis always makes a bad game a good time.

Media & Video Entertainment

Television Entertainment

Have you been meaning to watch a certain show? Are you behind your Tiger King episodes? Are there any movies you’d like to catch up on? Now is the perfect time to start watching your favorite films. Cannabis will improve your viewing experience.

Time with Friends Online

Social contact is an important part of most people’s mental health. Having an e-hangout or Zoom meeting with friends can make a world of difference. If you must see friends in person (perfectly understandable), ensure that everyone has their own way of getting a hit. Sharing a bong during this pandemic is a big no-no. Social interaction is a key coping mechanism and will make quarantine significantly more enjoyable.

Self-Care Tips

While having fun is great and highly encouraged. It is also important to ensure that you are keeping your mind and body healthy. We have compiled a few things to do while using cannabis that are easy and will contribute to your health both mentally and physically.

Experiment with Cooking

You will want to go easy on the dosage for this one. But cooking is an excellent way to improve your mind, and in the process, you may discover something new. Because cannabis has the tendency of increasing appetite. You might end up throwing something together you would otherwise not have thought of. Experimenting with cannabis and cooking is still a great past time.

Cannabexchange also sells a butter making cooking tools called Home CannaKit. Use this to create blocks of butter, infused with cannabis.

Get Back in Shape

We are not necessarily talking about deadlifting weights and slamming them down (if you have downstairs neighbors, you will make an enemy) but exercise, in general, will leave you feeling good about yourself. You do not even need equipment. Simply doing exercises such as running in open and uncrowded locations, sit-ups, burpees, and yoga at home will leave you feeling better than if you had just laid around all day for a week.

Mental Journeys

Cannabis and reading go together like macaroni and cheese. Your mind will stick to the words and everything will flow nicely as you get lost in the story line. Try to replace a TV session with a reading session and see how it goes. You may be surprised!

Create an account and comment below on how you’ve used cannabis to help you cope with the lockdown.

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