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Smoking Makes Your Immune Compromised

Could Smoking Cannabis Make Your Immune Compromised?

Why You Might Want to Reconsider Smoking Weed

Physical health has always been of high importance in all context of life. However lately, it has been more critical to stay healthy and positive to try to strengthen the body’s immune system in order to overcome some of the difficult viral challenges we are presented with.

In these hard times, many are turning to cannabis for help with their mental state during lockdown. This substance is an excellent way for many to cope with during quarantine. This is probably one of multiple reasons why cannabis distributors have been deemed an essential business by some local and state governments. This further drives a point that mental health is being viewed just as important as the need for food.

Cannabis can be consumed in multiple ways and we are here to inform you about the potential risks involved with one of these methods: smoking.

Why You Might Want to Reconsider Smoking Weed

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While marijuana does indeed provide benefits for your mental well-being, unfortunately, smoking puts you more at risk for COVID-19 symptoms. The virus is a respiratory illness that attacks the lungs, which is why smoking of any type could become a detriment to your health. If you find yourself in a battle with the virus over your respiratory system, smoking could help the virus win that battle, not just with cannabis. If you smoke cigarettes, this is a good time to stop and consider alternatives we have highlighted further below.

You likely have heard that smoking has long term negative effects on the lungs, and it’s true. Whether you are smoking tobacco or marijuana, you are still inhaling smoke that wasn’t meant to go into your lungs. To put it simply: excessive smoking depresses the immune function in the lungs, putting you at higher risk.

Doctors highly advise against smoking tobacco and marijuana during this pandemic, but they are open to cannabis in general, deeming it an essential business, especially for patients. As touched on earlier, there are multiple ways to get the effects of cannabis without needing to smoke it. We have compiled popular methods of cannabis usage that are safer.

Consider Edibles Instead

An extremely popular way to consume cannabis is edibles. Edibles allow you to gain the benefits of the drug without wreaking havoc on your lungs! While excessive usage of this method won’t do any favors for your waistline, depending on what edibles you are consuming, you are much better off enjoying your cannabis this way.

Edibles can be purchased as prepackaged food which is a convenient way to get started. You will find many recognizable snacks that are infused with cannabis that are both delicious and effective.

While prepackaged goods are great, you might want to consider making your own edibles! This is not only a fun activity to do, but you will also learn a new skill. Another benefit of making your own edibles is that you can control the strength of the doses. Cannabexchange currently sells the Home KannaKit which helps you make cannabis infused butter in an easy and fun effective way.

This isn’t limited to just sweet snacks; you can cook up a cannabis-infused dinner. Pasta, pizza and side dishes can all have a little touch of “magic”. You might also be less likely to get the “munchies” and binge 3,000 calories in one sitting. Infusing your home-made cannabis butter with your favorite healthy or savory meal is a great way to substitute the habitual smoking pattern.

Enjoy your Edible Drinks

The term “drinking edibles” sounds slightly humorous if you are not familiar with this method of cannabis consumption, but it is a very real thing with various cannabis drinks on the market. In fact, many of your favorite types of beverages have a cannabis version. If you’re not aware how big the drink edible industry has grown, in a recent report by Motley Fool, they highlight how Constellation Brands (Owners of the Corona Beers), have recently increased their stake in a Canadian cannabis giant called Canopy Growth. We believe their aim is on getting a large stake in the cannabis edible drink market.

If you are not yet convinced, let’s bring it closer to a personal level. Drinking cannabis can give you a stronger, faster and better high than solid edibles. Interested yet? This is due to THC and CBD being absorbed into the bloodstream faster when consumed in liquid form.

Is Vaping Safer

This is the number one question when mentioning the safety of smoking. There isn’t any clear-cut answer if vaping is safer than smoking and thus, we can’t exactly tell you to drop the blunt for vaping instead. If you want to ensure your safety, it is best to stick to the methods discussed above. In a recent report, it was mentioned that vaping could be more harmful or just as harmful as smoking through conventional methods.

If you insist on smoking for convenience and cost and must choose the lesser of two evils, then we suggest that you speak with your cannabis physician for the best answer. Again, it is best to avoid any form of smoking at this time.

There isn’t a real need to smoke to get your desired effects. If you have never tried edibles or drinks yet, now is the time to give them a shot! You might be surprised how effective they are in achieving the desired effect.

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