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Is Cannabis COVID-19 Essential?

Is Cannabis COVID-19 Essential?

As media reports have shown, cannabis dispensaries fall heavy in this context of argument.

With businesses and events being closed and canceled, many people are debating what is and isn’t essential. After all, what one person deems essential to their life could be something that another may feel is a luxury. We are going to discuss why cannabis dispensaries are open during this crisis and if you have other methods to limit your travel to the shop while getting your dose of THC and peace of mind during lockdown.

Although cannabis dispensaries were pleased that they can stay open for many of the following reasons.

  • From providing work to their employees
  • To maintaining a consistent and positive cashflow
  • To avoiding financial pain and bankruptcy for some with tight margins

The list goes on and on but with that being said, we want to highlight why one industry is deemed more essential than another.

Why Cannabis Dispensaries are Open

Harbor Collective

As mentioned above, what is essential to some can be seen as silly to others. As media reports have shown, cannabis dispensaries fall heavy in this context of argument. During this time of quarantine, mental health is incredibly important. This in no way diminishes the importance and level of essential significance other industries and small businesses are.

Cannabis is a safe drug that many people around the world use to cope, relax, and decrease pain. There is a good reason why medicinal marijuana has existed even before the substance was made legal in certain states. Medicinal purposes – as much as recreational – is one of the reasons why many shops continue to be considered “Essential”.

As we previously highlighted in our article “Cannabis in Ancient Times”, the plant has been used for medicinal and coping mechanism since before, 1500 B.C.. In legalized states, the community and political leaders seem to see eye to eye on this subject.

Additionally, the economic benefits to states which have legalized the plants for recreational consumption, was tremendous as many rushed to stock up on edibles, pre-rolls and buds of all types. As people were stocking up on cannabis goods in preparation for quarantine, shops used this opportunity to continue to increase their inventory to meet the high demand prior to lock-down, while increasing their short-term profits. Can’t blame them for that, after all, we live in a capitalistic economy.

People spending money is the driving force of the economy, and thus, access to products that are beneficial or even medically necessary for many is in the country’s best interest.

Staying Safe While Purchasing Cannabis

If you want to get yourself some greens, but you are told to stay home, you don’t have to sacrifice. If you have yet to stock up on cannabis or simply ran out, staying safe while shopping is critical. Depending on where you live, a quick delivery can save a lot of time and your health. Most dispensaries changed their methods of operation in order to adjust to the “recommendations imposed” by local and state regulatory bodies.

Some shops offer delivery, or at the very least curbside pickup. It is highly encouraged to make the effort to find the safest way to obtain your goods. If you must go out, practice social distancing, stay 6 feet away from others, don’t touch your face and immediately wash your hands after you have received your product. Even after states are beginning to open, the potential of a relapse is highly possible without mitigation.

Additionally, if possible, try to get enough product to last you a good amount of time. We are not saying to clean out the entire store, but you want to ensure that you won’t have to go back frequently if you can avoid it.

Tips to Help your Product Last

To ensure you do not have to re-up every two days, reduce the frequency of your usage if you find yourself burning through a large quantity of cannabis. This is much easier said than done, especially when you’re stuck at home, we get it! But spacing your sessions out not only makes your stock last longer, it may help with your food stock if you’re limiting your munchies to the proper hour… the 420 hour. Remember, even a broken clock is right twice a day and so can you.

Additionally, looking for cost-effective ways to get your cannabis fix will provide a big difference in how much you go through. If you are used to smoking blunts, you might want to find an alternative. A pipe is known to be a more efficient way of smoking. A small joint could get you to the level you want if you’re patient enough to let it catch up before you smoke it all.

Vaping is considered more efficient and cleaner than burning leaves. Though some reports have recently argued this. You will also appreciate the convenience of just having it “ready to go” at any time. It’s also a more respectable way of smoking around those that don’t cater to the heavy smoke attributed to the buds. Though you may miss the taste of all-natural cannabis, if what you are looking for is efficiency, investing in pens and oils will pay off!

Lastly, making your own edibles is a fun way to kill time, be creative and get your dose of consumption. There are tons of cannabis recipes out there and your favorite foods probably have a cannabis version. You can either make healthy or unhealthy recipes and that is the beauty of this method. Don’t forget to order your set of Home CannaKit from Cannabexchange, It’s an easy method to making cannabis infused butter at home during quarantine.

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