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Is CBD Good for your Pet?

Is CBD Good for Your Pet?

Like humans, animals also go through moments of stress and anxieties that limits their ability to function properly.

Whether this is through disorientation, adverse effects in their nervous system, or other ailments that limit their body function, your pet is not that different from you. Of course, other than the obvious physical differences, other traits may actually have similarities.

For some animals and pets, emotions and senses of tense and rigid moments can be as awakening and noticeable as it is for humans. If this is the case, are there similar remedies that can provide an equal level of alleviation? It turns out that there may be after all. According to researchers in the CBD industry for dogs and Kimberly Guay, who is a Professor located at Tarleton State University in Stephenville, horses also have similar options for alleviating pain and anxiety.

Kimberly Guay is a professor who’s primary specialty is on how different stresses can affect animals. In most cases adversely, as one could similarly compare the negative effects of stress on the human body. Her current research focuses on highlighting any effects that would indicate the sensation of pain, anxiety or rigid stiffness on the horse as well as the ability to alleviate such symptoms with CBD.

The Research

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Internally, researchers are focused on observing the cortisol levels of the horse or “Patient” as well as inflammation and heart rate. Cortisol is known to be a hormone animals produce while under levels of stress. Based on the level of cortisol one could surmise whether an animal such as a horse or a dog is under a considerable level of stress. This coupled with other indicators can help paint a bigger picture of the patient’s current status.

Another point of observation is the horse’s behavioral effects after consuming various doses of CBD. These behavioral affects are centered around any indication of anxiety, pain or stiffened muscles and bones or the alleviation thereof. In a previous article we highlighted “The Effect of CBD on Children with Epilepsy”. The results were substantial and measurable.

According to a report in Marijuana Moment, Guays research team is assessing the overall results by giving the horses various doses of CBD. The form of the doses varies in both oils and edible pellets. Thankfully, Guay’s research team is not the first one to do this on animals. For years CBD alternatives have been tested on dogs and cats. In most cases, it has been tested with much success for your household pets.

Other Players in the Animal CBD Industry

Since the Farm Bill passed in 2018, the CBD industry has grown exponentially. Some would even say that it got saturated with players too fast and too early in the game. Now you can find dozens of companies in the market that have taken the leap from consumer goods for humans to consumer goods for pets.

Some of the notable providers we are shedding a spotlight on are:

  • Kb Pure Essentials
  • Soko Canna Creations
  • Cannabexchange now provides CBD
  • HotBox sell through Cannabexchange
  • Toke Soak Bath Bombs
  • CBD You + Me

And that’s just to name a few of our favorite ones. Although we are biased when it comes to Cannabexchange and HotBox for obvious reasons. We’re laying our cards out on the table.

According to consensus, CBD is good for your pet within moderation and based on the industry’s growth, it will continue to stay that way. According to Packaged Facts, it is estimated that the sale of CBD products for pets across the United States is roughly around $25 million. They also added that the overall CBD sale including both pets and humans is totaling almost a half a billion. Additionally, it is estimated to grow towards $22 billion over the coming five years.

Whether you’re a pet owner providing love for your dog or cat; or an investor looking to get in the CBD game, the CBD future is looking bright. As a pet owner, you have the safety and assurance that the product has undergone strict measures of testing and that it has been deemed safe for both therapeutic and functional means. As an investor, the efficacy of the process and its safe nature provides an opportunity amid a growth potential in the industry over the next 5 years.

If you’ve had experience with providing CBD to your dog or cat, we would love to hear from you. Create a free account and leave us a comment below.

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