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The creators of Home Cannakit have developed a product that helps their customers make homemade cannabis infused butter with ease. The makers of Home Cannakit created their product by testing various materials to ensure that they deliver the highest standard of versatility, durability and cost effectiveness, which gives their customers the ability to reuse their kit.

Home Cannakit makes the process quite simple, all that is needed with the kit is the cannabis herb of your choice, five sticks of butter, a saucepan or cooking pot and spoons and tongs. Next, the user grinds the herb and places it evenly in the decarb tray that is part of the kit. The user proceeds to place it in a preheated oven for an hour. After the herbs are decarboxylated, it is placed in a cotton bag, also included in the kit. The next step is to place the stick of butter into the pot or saucepan and have it simmer on low. Once the butter is melted, the cotton bag is submerged in the butter and left to simmer on the low setting for an hour while stirring every 15 minutes.

Once the butter is infused for an hour, the excess butter should be squeezed out by the tongs. The left-over herbs can be dumped out and the cotton bag can be washed for reuse or thrown away. The last step is to place the spout that comes with the kit into the saucepan or cooking pot. Carefully pour the infused butter into the mold and place in the freezer or refrigerator. Once it turns into a solid consistency, you can substitute it for regular butter in all of your favorite recipes.

Home Cannakit is very easy to use and enables customers to successfully make their first batch of cannabis infused butter on the first try. It also amounts to a fraction of what it would cost to buy edibles and puts the user in total control of what goes into their body.


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About Home CannaKit Home Cannakit comprises of people from different walks of life who all have experience using and creating infused oils and butters. The team takes pride in their product and continually strives to meet the challenge of problem solving in a manner that is cost effective.


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