An Upcoming Cannabis Event For Locals In San Diego, CA
 Riko and Dallas’s Birthday Bash

In the late 80s and in the early 90s Riko and Dallas where born. The childhood of both of them was something like in the movies. It had kid adventure and teenage love with a bit of trouble along the way. Life led them to work together and eventually they start an awesome friendship and brotherhood. The bond between these two is something so strong it’s as If they came from the same mother. Both of them being born in January, one the 20st and the other the 25th, they both decided to have their birthday party at the same time.

Last year the party was epic. They rented out a club downtown on 5th ave, in San Diego California. Over 100 people showed up. There where cannabis vendors and food vendors. Cannabis was rolled up and smoked everywhere. The company Turp Pure a cannabis concentrate company, came out and gave everyone dabs for free. Both Riko and Dallas where in a haze of awesomeness and couldn’t believe that everyone was there for them. To them it was so awesome that they didn’t want the night to end. Being super baked off of blunts that where 5 grams or more, everyone finally sang happy birthday to them and continued to party the night away. That night was epic.

Cannabis Vendors

Now 2020 has come and the birthday bash is being planned again. This time it’s being planned to be even more epic then the last. Starting January 25th Riko and Dallas are having a huge birthday bash and they wish for everyone to come by and party with them. There will be vendors with cannabis, adult juice to drink, people dancing, food vendors, people having fun and singing happy birthday to these two guys. I bet your thinking, how can I get a ticket or how do I get there this January? Well let me tell you. All you have to do is show up at 7574 trade st, Sd, Ca, 92121 with a present for either Riko or Dallas and that’s it!!!!!

Come have a hella of a time with Riko and Dallas at their birthday bash this January 25th starting 9pm until everyone goes home. To reach out to Riko, visit his profile in HotBox.

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