The Perfect Cannabis Retreat

The Perfect Cannabis Retreat

Doctors need to know what you're taking when administering surgery or medicine to avoid complications.

For years the Dominican Republic has been a hotspot for American tourists but after the recent rise of deaths, tourists have been cautioned about attending the once-popular holiday destination. In the last year, eleven American tourists have been mysteriously found dead in the Caribbean nation. The Dominican Republic is now rated two out of four on the US State Department’s travel warning scale because of the frequent violent crimes.

This is why Jamaica has become the new sought-after vacation destination, especially if you are looking for somewhere pro-cannabis. Despite Jamaica’s connection to marijuana, popularized thanks to Bob Marley, reggae music, and the Rastafarian community, it was only fully legalized recently.


In mid-2015, the country’s drug laws decriminalized a small amount of marijuana for personal recreational use. Possession of up to 56 grams is now considered to be a petty crime. People caught with marijuana in amounts within the limit will receive a fine of around $5 maximum. Jamaica is the first country to specify marijuana use in relation to religion: Rastafarian adults can use marijuana for sacramental purposes.

Medical marijuana is fully legal, with Jamaica hoping to be a large presence in the medical marijuana market. Possession of marijuana for medical or therapeutic purposes is allowed as therapeutic is used in such a broad term, it also includes tourism. Under their law, any patients with a medical marijuana prescription will be able to purchase a permit at the airport, which will allow them to legally consume their cannabis. Just make sure you don’t take it home with you, it’s still illegal to leave the country with marijuana!

Here are two favorite spots where you can enjoy an island paradise while partaking in cannabis.

HotBox Room, Social Platform

Coral Cove

Coral Cove is often described as Jamaica’s best-kept secret. Situated in the serene, West End of the Westmoreland, it’s off the beaten path. The remoteness and seclusion of the resort are what makes this stand out from your typical Caribbean getaway.

Coral Cove is owned by an Illinois native whose goal was to create a slice of paradise not filled with mega-clubs and casinos. Alongside the resort’s private beach, seaside dining area, and spa services are the two greenhouses on-site growing a variety of different strains for your enjoyment. The resort grows marijuana in cooperation with the Bobo Shanti Sect of Rastafarianism. The sect is given a spiritual exemption to cultivate and consume cannabis. Guests do not need to obtain a medical marijuana prescription. The strains cultivated on-resort are available in various forms, from flowers to edibles, and can be consumed legally by guests.

Rates start at $83.00 per person, all-inclusive (which includes food, drink, and access to all the on-site amenities) or a luxury room From US$179.00 single or double occupancy

Cannabis Camp Jamaica

This all-inclusive experience starts when they pick you up for Montego Bay airport. You will spend your days settled in a private luxury villa, relaxing in front of a pool, smoking marijuana and sipping rum. You will receive coupons to make dispensary purchases daily, with a second batch of coupons available if necessary. If that sounds a little too chilled, there are plenty of activities, scheduled trips and surfing activities. Golf, tennis and hang gliding are just some of the other activities available at a small extra fee.

The joy of Cannabis Camp Jamaica is the camp counselors will discuss everything with you from transportation and activities to bed size and dietary requirements. Service staff are available in the villas 24/7, and camp counselors are available most of the day.

Prices start at $125 per person based on double occupancy but they are happy to customize your booking. They have an all-inclusive option which includes Food, drinks including alcohol, snacks, daily activities, luxury room, island transportation and more.

These are just a few of the areas brought to you by Cannabexchange in an effort to bring cannabis retreat information to our audience and the general public at large. In an effort to extend this information to other areas of entertainment and retreats, there is another article we will reference you to that provides additional alternative cannabis retreat options. Visit "The perfect Cannabis Getaway Trip – We All Need One!"

If you have participated in one of these retreats, please leave a comment below and provide your insight based on your personal experience. Our readers will thank you for it.


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